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Automatic Polymer Preparation Unit


The function of the automatic drug foaming machine is to dissolve and dilute the powder or liquid flocculation into flocculant solution.



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Automatic Polymer Preparation Unit


① Overview of DW automatic drug dispenser
The function of the automatic drug foaming machine is to dissolve and dilute the powder or liquid flocculation into flocculant solution. The powdery agent in the hopper is sent into the mixer through the quantitative feeding device, and enters the solution tank after it is completely mixed with water. The mixed liquid forms a solution of uniform concentration after multistage mixing, and finally enters the storage tank, and is added to the dosing point through the metering pump.
② Technical description and installation process flow of automatic drug dispenser
The automatic dosing machine is mainly composed of dry powder automatic dosing, feeding, dosing device, dry powder pre-osmosis device, inlet and outlet pipes, tank, liquid level measuring and mixing device and automatic control unit. DW series automatic drug foaming machine is an integrated system unit that integrates dry powder storage, feeding, infiltration, dissolution and maturity. It is a fully automatic equipment that can prepare polymer solution in batches and continuously. The device can make the polymer mature and dissolve fully, efficiently and conveniently, and prevent the green polymer from being fed and added to the treatment system. PAM powder can be quantitatively fed into the polymer dissolving box through the screw powder feeder. The powder is mixed with water until it is completely dissolved into PAM solution with a concentration of 0.1-0.5%, and then enters the polymer storage tank for further use through the ripening process.
③ Reference list of automatic drug dispenser selection
Automatic Polymer Preparation Unit
Model Capacity(L/H) Powder hopper capacity (L) Material Power(Kw) Dimension (mm) Weight
DW-500L 500 55 SUS304 1.2 1600 798 1500 250
DW-1000L 1000 55 SUS304 2.2 1900 1000 1500 400
DW-1500L 1500 55 SUS304 3.05 2200 1490 1500 490
DW-2000L 2000 55 SUS304 3.05 2200 1400 1700 550
DW-3000L 3000 65 SUS304 3.65 2840 1650 1991 700
DW-4000L 4000 65 SUS304 3.65 2950 2010 2115 770
DW-5000L 5000 110 SUS304 4.45 3400 2010 1830 965
DW-6000L 6000 110 SUS304 4.45 4000 1800 2010 1050
DW-8000L 8000 200 SUS304 4.85 4500 1800 2110 1300
DW-10000L 10000 200 SUS304 5.45 5000 1800 2110 1560

 Note: This product supports customization. You can call our company for consultation during model selection. The hotline is 400-876-5650

④ Live shot of product details of Dawei automatic drug dispenser


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